A misty and murky day

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Written on December 1st 2014

There were two girls on a road trip,
Who found themselves in Limerick
Everything was closed,
But the point of this prose,
Is to prove the Blarney stone’s no gimmick

Can you guess where we went next??

We arrived just in time to change and head to Doalns, Limericks premier music bar, for some dinner and a spot of Irish music. It was perfect. Delicious food and just as we were finishing some musicians tuned up and started playing traditional Irish songs from folk to jigs. Helene made friends with the wife of one of the musicians and we found ourselves sat with her tapping away to the jolly tunes. It was exactly what we were hoping from our Saturday in Limerick.

Sunday started with a slightly cloudy head that was sure to be cleared with breakfast at O’Flanneries, apparently one of the best bars in Limerick and promising a great Irish breakfast from 10am on weekends. But all the best laid plans… The bar was next to the car park and at 11am most definitely closed. We walked along Limerick’s grey and misty streets and find nothing at all open. We found the river Shannon and hugged it banks in search of King John’s Castle and the hope that a tourist area might bring some life, but no. As the case loomed large out of the mist ahead the streets were equally deserted with the attraction itself appearing not to open before lunch time on a Sunday.

A friendly local walking her dog kindly let us know that nothing opened before 12 as the locals were ‘sleeping’ but as it was now 11.50am gave us a tip for a local gastro pup that served ‘the best breakfast in Limerick,’ and was only five minutes away. A coffee shop en-route provided a welcome break from the cold damp weather and when the pub opened we were outside clutching a warm coffee.

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