Arrived! Disasters averted – Just!!

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Well, it’s been a while since my last post. I have now arrived in korea and have been a fully fledged English teacher for almost a week. I’d imagine the fact that I’m an English teacher will amuse anyone reading this when the see the state of my spelling because there isn’t an English spell checker on this computer!!!

I would like to have blogged what was happening up until I left the UK. The visa application process was a blog post in itself but I was way too busy sorting stuff out and trying to finish my english teaching course to get chance to blog. I may post a condensed version at some point in the future.

I left England on Saturday 2nd September and completed my journey to South Korea on Monday 4th September. It took two days to get here because I have a round the world ticket because I am flying onto South East Asia and Australia when I leave. This ticket wouldn’t take me to Korea so I had to fly to Bankok and then onto South Kore from Bankok.

Arriving at Heathrow last Saturday was where the disasters began. Emily (my friend who I am travelling with) called me when she arrived to say thay had cancelled all flights out of Heathrow because of a problem with the baggage convayer belts!!! We arrived amidst massive chaos and some very P***ed off holiday makers being told thier flights were cancelled. Luckily we were on one of the last flights of the night and at the time of arriving airport staff were ‘hopeful’ our flight would still leave. I am here so it did leave, and only with a slight delay.

We arrived in Bankok and successfully got our transfer to our hotel, which was very nice. We even had a porter take our baggage to our room for us. It was at the point it also became aparent that Asian men aren’t used to westernern women, espically blond ones. Both me and Emily were stared at by the bus driver and hotel porter and told how beautiful we are!!!! They obviously need to visit England more often!

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