My first yoga class

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Today I taught my first yoga class. It wasn’t your conventional class, two of the students were excluded before we got five minutes in, the class took place in a kitchen and the reaming two student just about managed to make it to the end without any cross words! I … Read More

Three and a half rhinos

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Yesterday morning we boarded simple dug out canoes from our base at Surahah to head into Chitwan National Park for some wildlife spotting. Chitwan was Nepal’s first national park being declared so in 1973 after having been set aside as a rhino sanctuary in 1962. The area had once been dense … Read More

Moved to tears!

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Day six was yet another early start and the final day of the tour with this group. This could only mean one thing – today we visited the Taj Mahal. But first the Royal Palace at Fatehpur Sikri. Built in 1569 but abandoned after 15 years apparently due to scarcity … Read More

Fit for a royal

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Day five seems like an age ago now, but I shall attempt to recount it anyhow. We drove to Karauli – a place that isn’t mentioned in the guide book so until I get home there isn’t much I can tell you about it. Our accommodation was the stunning Bhanwar … Read More

Suddenly everything is green….

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We have arrived in Nepal, the temperature has dropped. It was actually cold enough to sleep without a fan and with a sheet last night – pure bliss, and the landscape is green and luscious. I didn’t see anywhere in Indian where I would have described the landscape as beautiful … Read More

The Pink City

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Day three and it was an early start with a 6am train from Delhi to Jaipur – the pink city – in Rajasthan, which is said to be one of the world’s 25 fastest growing cities. If possible the traffic here is worse than Delhi, perhaps because there is less … Read More

A more sedate pace

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Today has been at a much more sedate pace. We didn’t meet untill 10am which was pure heaven, no rushed breakfast and plenty of time to bimble about and prepare for the day. Today we discovered more of Orchha (meaning hidden place) the small town where we are staying, which … Read More

Walking in Delhi

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The beginning of this trip was fabulous, but we packed so much into seven days there is little chance I can now write about all of it. Instead I’ll attempt over the coming days a list of the things we did and the places we visited that one day I … Read More

India: A whirlwind week

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It’s been a whirlwind – which in many ways quite aptly describes both the pace of the travel and my experience of India so far. Life here happens in such a rush, well at least on the road and on the streets, in restaurants it all seems to happen at … Read More

India and the battle with the mind…

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It’s been an unusual day…. For a start I’m here – in India. I’ve been dreaming of this for years and now I’m here I feel I should be stupidly excited, but instead I’m fighting with my brain. I always have a wobble when I arrive on the other side … Read More

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