Waking up

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  On Waking I give thanks for arriving Safely in a new dawn, For the gift of eyes To see the world, The gift of mind To feel at home In my life. The waves of possibility Breaking on the shore of dawn, The harvest of the past That awaits … Read More

Equanimity of mind is yoga

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The first time I read sloka 2-48 in the Bhagavad Gita it resonated, firstly because it felt like the objective of my yoga practice, but also because it contains many of the teachings of yoga within it. For me my yoga is the realisation that I am not my mind … Read More

How yoga changed my life

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Ten years ago I was an uptight stress-head waiting to explode at any moment. I thought I was ‘happy’ that way – it was familiar and comfortable, but friends and family were staying away and my home was a hive of stress and negativity. I had to change. But how…? … Read More

A crisis of confidence

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l have spent an incredible three days learning about teaching yoga to autistic kids. A humbling experience when you see the joy in these children, who are often physically and cognitively different from us ‘normal’ or neuro-typical people. The leaning was made even more inspiring because of the love and … Read More

Teacher training stole my yoga practice

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I’ve been meaning to write for ages about how yoga teacher training stole my yoga practice! But I have been too busy planning and teaching classes, learning Sanskrit and studying the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutra and Hatha Yoga Pradipika to write the post. Then I realised something else… I don’t … Read More

Giving up is hard to do

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Day one went well, day two not so! Sugar whilst I believe highly addictive seems to be easy for me to cut out. Maybe because I see and feel the immediate benefits of cutting out sugar. My bowels have thanked me and emptied themselves. I have felt properly hungry for … Read More

I give up….

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Back in February I gave up sugar and smoking. Then February ended and decided a little bit of sugar wouldn’t hurt and a smoke here and there would be ok. Fast forward five months and smoking is almost a daily habit and my sugar addiction is returning with a vengeance. … Read More

My first student success

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After a horrible day, and week, at work I drove to my now regular Wednesday lesson wondering whether to phone and cancel. Teaching your best friend’s son means cancelling is a possibility without putting out a group of expectant individuals. But despite my lethargy and desire to curl up at … Read More

My first yoga class

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Today I taught my first yoga class. It wasn’t your conventional class, two of the students were excluded before we got five minutes in, the class took place in a kitchen and the reaming two student just about managed to make it to the end without any cross words! I … Read More

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