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I’ve been back from travelling less then three weeks and today I booked my next adventure! Obviously I have the travel bug bad. I’m off to New Zealand with a friend next December. BUT first I have to complete my masters degree, which is kinda why I’m writing this post.

Now, I’m sure I have a readership of about one but I figured this is worth a go….

In order to complete my MA in Online journalism I have to find a real world client to design, build and write a professional website for. I’ve had a few ideas and made a few approaches but I’m beginning to feel like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall! Either they already have a good website or they don’t have the budget for one (an argument that doesn’t entirely wash because my services are entirely FREE!)

I’m an outdoorsy type person with a keen interest in extreme sports and classic cars (especially Minis). Living in the South West I didn’t think it would pose a problem to find a client with a business/organisation in that kind of area that would jump at the possibility of professional web design for free, not so! Which brings me to the reason for this post..

If by some miracle you happen to be reading this and feel my masters project could help develop an existing site you have or build you a completely new site (regardless of the subject) PLEASE contact me using the contact form on this blog.

Fingers crossed!

* Posted by j150vsc on 07/03/2008.

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