Malawi, arrived

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Woo hoo the passport was located and we have successfully crossed the border into Malawi.

Breakfast at Chitimba Camp.
Breakfast at Chitimba Camp.

We are hauled up for the night at a campsite called Chitimba Camp in Chitimba which is on the banks of Lake Malawi. We arrived just in time to walk down to the beautiful lakeside beach before it got dark.

Local children were dotted around the beach playing and asking to have their photograph taken, a traveller was sat on the beach surround by a small gaggle of kids hanging off her every word. The sun was setting and the only sounds were that of laughing children and the waves breaking against the shore. As I wandered around taking a few picture the atmosphere was relaxed and very calming. We have been told that Malawi was much more chilled than Tanzania and during this brief first introduction it certainly seemed that way.

The campsite and its surrounds look stunning but we won’t get time to explore as we are on the road again at 8am. Not a prospect anyone is realising as today was another long day of driving. By the time we arrived we were all glad to be off the truck. But the highlight of everybody’s day was a cold shower. It feels sooooooooo good to be clean.

Tomorrow we head to Kande beach which is supposed to be a party site, then onto Lilongwe and home. Five days to go….

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