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Well now you are up to date – sort of (Look out for posts about a Korean culture street and the war museum). I thought it was time to share a couple of random things i saw today on my way home from work!

Around where I’m living there is a lot of construction work going on. Walking to work this morning they were moving a load of earth with diggers. They obvioulsy put too much earth in one place and it split the wall. It amused me bacaue if something similar happened in England it would be fenced off and you wouldn’t be allowed anywere near it. But in this case everyone had left it and gone home!

A rather dull looking mound of concrete. On my way to work this morning this whole area had been earth. By the time I left they had concreted the whole thing. This would have taken weeks for workmen in England to do!

j150vsc – Thu, 2006 – 09 – 14 13:03

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