The gift of eloquence

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Written on 30th November 2014

Blarney Castle was phenomenal, So much more than I expected. I had no idea the blarney stone would be located at the top of a stunning medieval castle which itself is perched atop an eight metre cliff created by quarrying the stone for the rock edifice.

Entertaining plaques tell you about the castle as you meander through the myriad of rooms and in the kings bed chamber you can even find some very old graffiti – proving we were far from the first visitors to wander around the ruined castle.

After climbing a terrifyingly steep spiral staircase to the battlements we found the blarney stone. The stone that once kissed would bestow the gift of eloquence! Greats such as Winston and Churchill had previously made the trek and reportedly kissed the stone, and in the case of the former PM this is said to have lead to a turnaround in the quality of his speeches.

It is a deifying back bend to lean backwards grasping two metal bars to kiss a small stone beneath the battlements of the castle. A man at the top grips onto you tightly as you lean backwards and another takes your picture.

The grounds were equally stunning but perhaps the most fascinating was the poison garden. It was here that we found a wild growing cannabis plant, albeit in a cage, Triffid style. Numerouns other deadly plants were in close proximity from Nigtshade to Poppies.

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