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Written on Wednesday 9 October

This morning I am knackered. I’ve been staring this blank post for almost an hour trying to muster the energy to write!

Last night’s pig and fancy dress was a lot of fun. The outfits were outrageously hideous and entertaining. The pig was delicious. It was served with garlic bread, salad and potato salad expertly prepared by cook group. I ate until I thought I would pop.

The booze was flowing and it wasn’t long before merriment turned to wrestling matches, it was highly entertaining watching driver Mick, not a small chap, take on the much more petite frame of Miguel. But the Oasis wrestling champion turned out to be Rebecca who took on and beat both Miguel and John before losing a bout to rugby playing Barny.

Despite a few beers all the fun and loud rap music was too much for me and I soon retreated to the bar, which was equally loud, and chatted to the guy who owns the dive centre for an hour before retiring to bed at the ungodly hour of  11.30pm! No wonder I’m tired!

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