Arriving in Auckland

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My first trip with a boyfriend. This could be interesting! I’ve never so much as been on holiday with a boyfriend before. Will we still be friends when we get back? – I hope so.

So far it’s been great.

After an uncomfortable plane ride we arrived in Auckland on 29th December. Exhausted but determined to get through the day before sleeping we left our bags at the hostel and headed out.

We wondered along Queen Street, the main shopping street, and were surprised at how few people were around. When you draw comparisons with other large cities it’s fantastic. It is so quiet and subsequently hassle free.

We made our way to the harbourside where we came across some men fishing. They had caught a large Ray, accidentally or on purpose I’m not sure. We stopped to watch as they tried to real it in. But as it reached the waters edge it struggled free of the hook and plunged into the depths.

We made to wander on and spotted a $20 harbour cruise. It seemed like the perfect way to see some of Auckland with minimum effort.

Along with numerous others we boarded the boat. There was a commentary of what we were seeing but we were both so tired we could barley take it in. We were just there to look at the views and enjoy the ride.

One thing I do remember seeing is New Zealand’s oldest pub. And it just happens to be built on a volcano! The crater is the pubs wine cellar.

When the cruise was over we went for some food then back to the hostel for a very early night. As we spent some time planning our route around the South Island my questions were often met with snores from Andy so I decided to give up and join him sleeping off the jet lag.

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