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In one word … QUIET. Ashburton is like a ghost town. Nothing on the road, nobody wandering around town, just a whole lot of quietness. Soooo different to home. Nice, but I’m not sure I could live with all the quietness.

On New Years Day we headed out to the beach and walked the dogs James and Abby were baby sitting. The beach was beautiful, and pebbly. It stretched for miles in each direction but the rough seas and harsh cold wind meant there was no chance of swimming or sunbathing.

On the way back James took us via Lake Hood. A beautiful man made lake with houses built around it. Another beautiful spot and perfect for weekend ends with a power boat.

The next day was a whole lot of nothingness for me. I stayed at home and did our washing whilst James and Andy went to the air museum. Andy was all excited because they had a Harrier Jump Jet. I guess if I had a clue I’d have been excited too!

The plan had been to go river racing in the afternoon but an awful lot of rain put paid to those plans. Instead the hours where whiled away not doing an awful lot. Plus my washing got drenched! We decided the river racing could wait until the following day. More details to follow the next time I get chance to sit at a computer.

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