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Well how about that, no blogging for a week then two posts in the space of an hour!!I’ve just had my interview and though I’d document how it went before it all slipped from the rather murky depths of my mind. I’ve got be quick tho cause I need to finish my last university assignment and hand it in today. Then I’m freeeeeeeeeeeee!

I got a call from the school. It seemed to go well. The phone line was good, the interviewees English wasn’t great – needs a bit of work on pronunciation (I sound like an English teacher already!) – but I could comprehend pretty much everything he was saying to me.He told me I’d be teaching Elementary or Middle school children, which sounds fine to me because it means I don’t need to get into complicated grammar etc with them – which for the record I need to learn cause as a native English speaker you don’t learn about past present simple and past perfect continuous tenses or whatever they were called!!

He began by  telling me that children are children and they play up occasionally, which is to be expected I suppose. He warned me that I would have to have a lot of patients. Then he asked me if I liked children – I don’t think my  standard answer of I hate children would have gone down well here – so I told him that it’s amazing watching kids grow and I was really excited about teaching them English!!! It’s not a total lie – I’ve come to the conclusion of late that children are actually quite nice so long as you can give them back at the end of the day. Which is exactly what you do when you are teaching. I had a bit of a bonding experience with my godson Jak when I went for lunch with his mum, Laura a couple of months ago. I even took Jak to play on the swings, Laura was gobsmacked!!!

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