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The last time I posted I was in America. It’s now seven months later. I have a ‘real’ job and I’m in New Zealand – for a month.

I have a new way of blogging – much shorter posts. That way maybe I’ll get most of this trip on here and not end up with a half finished blog when I get home, as I did on America.

The last week or so of America was great. We flew up to Washington for my cousin’s wedding. We saw the sites. I had my picture taken outside the White House.

We were invited to the traditional American bridal shower, which was interesting. It was exactly the kind of thing you see in cheesy America TV programmes.

Then following the wedding and a very drunk night out in Washing we returned to England and I had a new job to start.

The job is going well (ish) I’ve completed my masters degree and now I am in New Zealand enjoying the trip I booked just after returning home from travelling.

Look out for more from New Zealand in the coming days.

* Posted by j150vsc on 01/01/2009.

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