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Our last morning in Auckland and we were back at the Sky Tower. Today Andy was going to launch himself from a platform 192 metres up the building and land on his feet at the bottom – the Sky Jump.

I’d done the jump last time I was in Auckland so to save money wasn’t out to play. Instead I stood at the bottom armed with a camera.

Andy was, as usual, cool and collected as he was kitted up for the jump. It is unnerving how unphased he was by it. He didn’t even have the grace to look a tiny bit nervous. He headed to the top with four Aussies visiting New Zealand for an extreme holiday organised by the grandmother!

Andy’s turn came and I could just make out a tiny speck on the edge of the jumping platform. Over the radio I heard the countdown but he didn’t leap. Then a few seconds later he appeared over the edge. The next thing I knew he was on the ground in front of me grinning and shaking like a leaf. I did exactly the same when I did it and began shaking uncontrollably as soon as I hit the floor and the adrenaline kicked in.

He loved it and wanted to go back up and do it again. Luckily we didn’t have enough money otherwise we’d have been there all day going back and forwards.

After the jump we went to the back street cafe for brekkie, then collected our bags and headed for the airport to get a plane to James and Abby’s. It was New Year’s Eve and we were spending it with James and Abby in Ashburton on the South Island.

James collected us from the airport, took us home and introduced us to Lachlan, their eight month old son.

We had a relaxing couple of hours before gearing up for a night out. James and Abby had arranged for a baby sitter and we went for a delicious Thai meal before spending New Year in the pub where Abby works.

It was a good night but I was still feeling the after effects of the Kimchi and wasn’t really up for it. We were home for the baby sitter shortly after midnight and sat chatting for a few hours before I crashed out shortly before four.

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