OMG I’m in Kenya

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If I wasn’t exhaused I would be jumping up and down shouting I’m in Kenya.

Africa has been a dream since I returned from travelling in 2008 and abandoned my plans to spend six months on the continent when I landed my dream job (or so I thought at the time) and aquired a boyfriend. The boyfriend is stil with me, but the job is long gone…  

So finally I’m here. But can’t connect to the wifi so who knows when this will be posted.  

The journey, which took roughly 24 hours door to door has been tiring but for the most part uneventful.  

The plane, Ethopia Airways, was basic, no TV in the back of the seat, no comfy headrests and it seemed the air crew were incapable of breaking into a smile. I did wonder if we would even get fed – it was like long haul Easy Jet.  

But incredibly I slept, or dozed, most of the way. And despite a slipped disc in my back and a numb arse before we even taxied to the runway, was far more comfortable than I have been on many better equipped long haul flights.  

This was partly due to my prayers for a decent plane buddy being answered. I am always the person who ends up sat next to someone so large they need their seat space and half of mine too. But the normally sized lass, who was chatty enough but made clear her intention to sleep the entire way, was perfect. No awkward conversation and not being squished into half an airline seat made my flight!  

Landing offered sweeping views of the area surrounding the runway. The massive flat expense made it feel as though we were coming in to land on the African plains. The flat vistas were broken only by the odd tree rising above the grass. Suddenly it was real, I really was in Africa.  

Picking up my transfer at the other end was seemless, even with the arrivals hall being closed after burning down a couple of months ago.  

Walking out of the air conditioned comfort of the airport it was boiling. The jumper and scarf I’d worn from england was definately not needed. I peeled off as many layers as I dare and sat sweeting as we weaved our way though traffic for an hour.  

Walking between rows of queuing traffic were enterprising saleasmen offering their wares of anything from water to hats, phone chargers to nuts.  

The driver delivered me in one piece, despite the crazy traffic and eratic driving, to Karen Camp and I have a few hours to kill before the welcome meeting this evening.  

My room is basic but clean and it is where I am heading now for a sleep.

Or at least I was before I bumped into some other Oasis travellers. That said my powers of conversation when I’m this tired are nill so maybe I’ll post this (the internet has just started working) and go for a nap.  

Oh and it has just started chucking down!

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