Sri Lanka – the first blog post

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It is almost the end of the trip and its the first time I’ve put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). This has been a trip with a difference. For the first time I am not alone (or in a big group), instead this wonderful experience has been shared with Andy – hence the total blogging black out.

Today it is cloudy, but still very warm (feels like 37 according to the weather report!). Andy is hiding in our, slightly grubby, air conditioned room reading a book. I sit here, looking towards the palm lined beach, listening to the waves crashing in the distance and the bustle of the HUGE pool beside me.

The pool stretching off into the distance.
The pool stretching off into the distance.
The view from my blogging spot. The netting is to stop the birlds flying in.
The view from my blogging spot. The netting is to stop the birlds flying in.

We are at the tail end of the trip in an all inclusive four star hotel that, to me, feels like we could be anywhere in the world. As we walked through the gates we left Sri Lanka (and our wonderful driver / guide Tuwan) behind and entered a world of enforced fun (dressed up as the daily ‘animation’ activities) and limitless food and drink.

An all inclusive ‘paradise’ was not my choice, but a compromise with Andy in return for the eight days of travel preceding our period of relaxation in a cloned environment. However upon arrival Andy instantly hankered for the more ‘real’ Sri Lanka we left outside the gates. Something I didn’t expect. Although now he seems very content with being able to sleep till lunchtime (no more 6:30am alarms) and then do nothing for the rest of the day.

I have found time for a morning yoga practice and swim in the pool, and have already discovered (after two days) that if you are up early (ish) you can have a peaceful yoga practice on the beach, and the enormous pool to yourself, before the drones file out of the breakfast halls and begin turning their pasty white bodies a fetching shade of red in the sun!

I shouldn’t do it down too much though as it is a rare opportunity to stop and delve deeply into yoga books.  And did I mention that we can watch the sunset from our (tiny) balcony!


I have already discovered the four nearby shops (there is nothing much here apart from this huge resort) and I plan to head into Negombo tomorrow, for a spot of site seeing and shopping!

Two days ago Club Dolphin hotel in Waikkal became our prison paradise following a fantastic eight days travelling around this beautiful island (more on that in another post) leaving behind our driver and guide Tuwan.

Upon arrival we both instantly felt the culture shock of entering such a sanitised environment, and a great sadness at leaving Tuwan – who had been a source of endless information, comfort and in many ways companionship.

Time for lunch so I’ll sign off for now. I’ll be back with more from our tour of this beautiful island.

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