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Today we left Kande Beach with a slightly lighter truck after numerous items went missing on the campsite.

Maybe we had all become complacent and weren’t taking enough care of things, but on a campsite patrolled by security guards you don’t expect things to go missing.

I went to bed last night unable to find my water bottle; it had been in my hands 10 minutes earlier. Assuming I’d left it on the truck, which was locked, I bought one from the bar and retired. But awoke in the morning to find that my bottle wasn’t on the truck and Rebecca’s had gone missing two.

The really annoying thing was I could only have left it unattended for 10 minutes while I brushed my teeth, when I got to my tent and realised it wasn’t there I went back to the truck to look for it. There were four security guards hanging around the truck but the water bottle wasn’t there. Grrrrr

The following day we discovered a coat missing from the campsite washing line. A pair of shoes went walkies while there owner was asleep in a hammock and an iPhone disappeared from the steps of the truck.

It’s a shame that such a lovely location turned out to have such ineffective security.

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