Anxious – yes!

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I am fast discovering that travelling alone is a pretty nerve racking experience … and I’m in one of the safest countries on earth and a place I used to live.

I don’t know why but anxiety has tried (but failed) to get the better of me on a few occasions since leaving my safety net in the UK. Luckily a (much needed) stern talking to from Miss April saw me on the right track as she almost forcefully deposited me on a bus to Guyeongju earlier today. (My earlier plans of a secluded pension on a remote island were scuppered when the ferries were booked up).

The knowledge that I can do it and knowing that not getting to my intended destination would not be the end of the world didn’t seem to help. As my anxious brain defied my instructions to calm down and saw me wishing I was at home wrapped safely in the protecting arms of my wonderful man.

That said, I am now safely hauled up in a ‘love motel’ with a MASSIVE flat screen, king size bed, Jacuzzi bath and desk top PC – all for around £35 a night. The same amount I paid for a tiny room in Seoul!

I’m sure you are wondering what a love motel is – well I have resisted the urge to Google it instead trusting my knowledge of Korean culture. Basically their society is such that young couple are unable to be together before they get married. So cheap motels are often referred to as love motels because it is where young couples come for a dirty few days away!

A love motel wouldn’t have been my first choice of destination – in fact is the cause of much of my earlier anxiety – but it actually seems pretty OK , its off season so very quiet and the internet reviews were fantastic. The lady on reception spoke no English but seemed very nice and with a bit of mime I managed to make her understand that I wanted a room. However  I’m not passing comment on the free cock ring, condoms and intimate wash that came alongside the hotel towels!

So anyway I’m in Guyeongju a city (according to the Rough Guide) with infinitely more traditional sites than any other in the country. I’m guessing the street of neon light love motels isn’t included in the tradition sites – although they are typically Korean.

Tomorrow I begin exploring.

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  1. Sue Wareham
    | Reply

    So excited to be able to follow your latest journey

  2. James
    | Reply

    Lol. Love the fact that you got a free cock ring! How many times have you heard Gangnam style already??

    • admin
      | Reply

      And some male desensitising gel!

      Gangman: Surprisingly only once!!! I did almost go an stay in Gangnam in Seoul just for a laugh but decided it was too much of a mission just to write an entertaining blog post!

  3. John Ward
    | Reply

    I must book a trip to Korea!

    • admin
      | Reply

      You should. Its a great place. Not to mention safe and hassle free!

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