Homeward bound

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This particular journey has come to an end. I am at the airport killing an hour before I board my plane and begin the 15 hour trek back to the UK. It’s weird to think this time tomorrow I will be at work! I was hoping something profound would come … Read More

It’s been quite lovely

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By the time the sun goes down tomorrow I will be on the plane on the way back to the UK. I may write some thoughts on the trip in general at the airport. Now I want to give some airtime to my time in Daegu with Miss April. The … Read More

The best night sleep I’ve ever had

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And that was despite being up for the predawn ceremony at 3:10am. I made it to Haeinsa a beautiful secluded Buddhist temple surrounded by mountains and on the edge of the Gayasan National Park. The location is simply stunning, the soft white snow currently lying on the ground adding to … Read More

A quieter day

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I’ve had a relaxed day today. I have bimbled slowing around Gyeongju’s sites seeing what I came across without any real purpose. It’s been much warmer today and very pleasant for strolling and sitting and thinking and walking. This may be my last post for a while as tomorrow I … Read More

Exploration day two

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I’ll tell the story of day two in pictures. Save to say its been a very pleasant days wondering although I have decided I don’t much like walking up or down big hills! Especially when I haven’t had lunch and though the 3km hike would be a 10 minute stroll.

Korea’s open air museum

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In Gyeongju you can walk among the burial mounds of kings long expired. It is said to be Korea’s most traditional city, a place with with infinitely more traditional sites than any other in the country. Despite this my first morning of exploring was spend wandering amongst the high rise … Read More

Familiar of foreign?

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As for my earlier post questioning whether Korea would seem familiar of foreign. It has brought back many memories. Having to remember to take toilet roll from outside toilet, remembering to use the correct hand gestures when receiving change, the smell of kimchi season, the way they eat noisily with … Read More

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