Cantillon Brewery

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A late night, after 2.30am, led to a late morning (for some of us) by the time I emerged at gone half 10 Ben had been awake for hours and had bought croissants and waffles and orange juice for breakfast, exactly what I needed.

Today we have walked many miles around Brussels before ending up at the Cantillon brewery for a tour and tasting. We ambled through posh shopping districts, rundown looking areas, a beautiful park, passed what appeared to be an old city gate and caught a glimpse of the phenomenally underwhelming manikin pis – the symbol of Brussels, although I can’t figure out why?

The Cantillon brewery is a family business founded in 1900 and still today is an independent business. The brewery is housed in what I believe is still the original building and they still use 19th century equipment to make this special kind of beer – Lambic.

In very simple terms Lambic is made by allowing the wort to stay open to the air so it can be inoculated with airborne yeasts to start the fermentation process. The result is that each batch of beer is slightly different.

The tour was guided by a booklet, which was nice because you could set you own pace. Then at the end were two complimentary beers. Both I feared would be as vinegary as the beer we’d sampled last night – but I was pleasantly surprised. It took a bit of time to get my pallet used to the first beer, but the second, a raspberry beer, which was surprisingly nice… We decided to order final a bottle between us of elderflower beer, again a nice tipple and not at all vinegary!

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