India light?

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After almost 20 hours of travelling the plane began to descend towards Colombo airport, a plethora of green could be seen below covering almost every square inch of land, broken only to make way for houses each surrounded by their own jungle of green. Out of the tiredness bubbles of … Read More

Three and a half rhinos

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Yesterday morning we boarded simple dug out canoes from our base at Surahah to head into Chitwan National Park for some wildlife spotting. Chitwan was Nepal’s first national park being declared so in 1973 after having been set aside as a rhino sanctuary in 1962. The area had once been dense … Read More

Suddenly everything is green….

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We have arrived in Nepal, the temperature has dropped. It was actually cold enough to sleep without a fan and with a sheet last night – pure bliss, and the landscape is green and luscious. I didn’t see anywhere in Indian where I would have described the landscape as beautiful … Read More