Familiar of foreign?

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As for my earlier post questioning whether Korea would seem familiar of foreign.

It has brought back many memories. Having to remember to take toilet roll from outside toilet, remembering to use the correct hand gestures when receiving change, the smell of kimchi season, the way they eat noisily with their mouth open and will talk to you while chewing, the unashamedly staring at the white girl, the way kids on the street will get very excited at seeing you and try and muster the courage to say hello, their love of all things kitch, the fact a random stranger will appear to help at the moment you feel so lost your not sure what to do.

My stranger encounter happened while I was looking for the tourist information in Seoul station. The friendly Korean gentleman, with very good English, was also looking and suggested we look together. After another 10 minutes of being lost he asked a guard and we eventually located it two floors beneath us. He found what he was looking for asked my name, wished me a safe journey and was gone.

So is it familiar of foreign – neither. In a strange way it feels like I never left!

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