Homeward bound

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This particular journey has come to an end. I am at the airport killing an hour before I board my plane and begin the 15 hour trek back to the UK. It’s weird to think this time tomorrow I will be at work!

I was hoping something profound would come to me to impart about my time revisiting Korea, but it hasn’t.

It’s been lovely. I’ve had a wonderful time bumbling around. It has been great to realise I can travel alone and I quite enjoy it. That said I don’t think I’ll be attempting any of those countries famed for hassle without company – India springs to mind!

Korea as a tourist hasn’t been that different for me than it was as a foreign resident. I have seen some lovely places, but I don’t feel I have witnessed anything vastly different to what I had already seen.

I am now very happy that I have done Korea; it hasn’t changed significantly in the last six years. Its contradictions are still the same, the technological divide between old and young possibly more evident that it was when I was here. But all in all it’s pretty similar.

I’m very glad I came back, but will I return again… unlikely… there are so many more countries to investigate. I think this really is farewell to Korea for the final time.

Annyonghi kyesayo.

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