It’s been quite lovely

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The view from the roof of April’s apartment block as the sun set on my last full day in Korea.

By the time the sun goes down tomorrow I will be on the plane on the way back to the UK.

I may write some thoughts on the trip in general at the airport. Now I want to give some airtime to my time in Daegu with Miss April.

The picture above taken from the roof of April’s building before I began my trek back to Seoul this evening.

I have to say Daegu, for me, wasn’t a particularly inspiring place. I didn’t feel as though there was anything there I desperately needed to see (apart from April)  – in fact the Rough Guide only gave half a page to Korea’s fourth largest city.

But that suited me fine as I was there to see Miss April. We walked miles around the city.

Looking back at Daegu on our stroll outside the city,

We marveled at the Koreans and how sometimes they are so polite and at other times so incredibly rude.

We ate a lot of Mandu and we consumed even more beer.

Mandu resturant
The two ladies who ran the mandu restaurant we frequented.

In short we did exactly what I wanted to do. Our forays conjured up some fantastic old memories of my life in Korea.

We took a trip to Home Plus (Tescos) and feasted on the freebies you can grab as you walk around (I used to do that). We then did the same with E-Mart (the supermarket I used while I was in Korea).

We meandered around a shopping centre and laughed at some of the nonsensical English they print on clothing. We gawped at some of the ridiculous items they will actually wear (hoodies with a beak or ears or shaped link an alligator mouth – just why?)

We shopped for some of the entertaining Korean kitsch, picking up a few stocking fillers along the way.

Buts most of all I had a brilliant time with April. It was quite lovely…….

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