Life is looking up

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Time to re-write the post I lost the other night.

I have been here over a week now and I am starting to settle into a weekly routine and things are much, much better. I no longer feel like jumping on the first plane back to England. I even handed my passport to immigration for a week so they can process my alien card – a thought that a week ago was terrifying! Next monday I will a fully registered ALIEN!!!!

The accomodation situation is slowly sorting itself out. After speaking with dad I realised that my employment contract said I woud be living in a two or three bedroomed apartment with other English instructors. After dad called i-to-i (the company I booked through) and they put pressure on the director suddenly things began to change. (I also went into the school and pointed out that they had to provide the accomodation specified in my contract). The director promised me that when Katrina arrives we would move into a two bedroomed apartment together – so I only have to live in my insect infested hole for six weeks – well four more weeks. In the meantime the director personally went round to the apartment with this insect killer stuff “smoked” the apartment and put cockroach traps everyehere. The smoking and the traps work Ok and when I got home the evening after the “smoking” the number of dead inscets vastly outnumbered the live ones!! Then last firday the building manager fumagated the whole building killing even more of the insects but confirming my fear that thre really was a major insect problem. Since then the is a lot less insects. I did wake up the other morning to find I was sharing my bed with a cockroach, but I guess he was just lonely! I have now cleaned the apartment and finally unpacked and it is a much more pleasent place to live.

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