What to do in Brussels with the hangover from hell… Autoworld!

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Unsurprisingly a rather subdued day. Andy, Paul and I took a medicinal walk across Brussels to the motor museum (Autoworld), which I quite enjoyed – although the boys lamented the lack of 80s, 90s 00s super cars. Instead there was loads of really early cars, for me much more interesting. Although I was disappointed by the one Mini they had. Listed as a 1960 Mini it was quite clearly a Mrk III so made sometime between 1969 and 1976. After seeing that I couldn’t help wondering was else was inaccurate!

The walk to the motor museum over took us through much of the part of the city occupied by the European commission and then into a fantastic park built in the 1880s as an exhibition space.

The evening and we were all in need of some ‘real’ food having lived for the last three days on a diet of beer and fast food. Our choice of venue the Moeder Lambic chosen for its selection of beers on tap, but also because it had a menu that included green stuff and no fried stuff!

As it turned out the quiche and salad was phenomenal and the beer pretty good too. We played a few rounds of shithead and soaked up the ambiance before heading to our final bar in Brussels.

Our last stop was the Marinette bar, Poechenellekelder. Disappointing in all ways but the beer, a Buffalo. The bar lacked all the creepiness it had promised and the staff weren’t even particularly friendly.

Now it’s time for one last sleep in Brussels before the Eurostar will spirit us back to England tomorrow.

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