REVIEW: Howie the Rookie

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It was like being immersed in a good book, the words conjuring up images in my mind, vibrant and alive – only better… The visuals played out clearly in my mind’s eye – the way each character looked, sounded, their mannerisms the finer details of each scene right down to … Read More

Review: The Brexit Club

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It’s Friday night and I am in Exeter’s Cygnet Theatre watching the Brexit Club; as the play reaches its climax four men are locked in a heated debate – only the show has been performed by just two impressive actors. The geeky character of Melvin (Midge Mullin) airs his views, … Read More


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Silver and Gould, Substance and Shadow Theatre Next showing Exeter Cygnet Theatre at 8:30pm Wednesday 8 June. Innovative theatre company Substance and Shadow hit the bullseye with their latest offering, Silver and Gould, packed full of witty one liners it’ll be sure to keep you entertained. Lighter than their usual … Read More

A theatrical conjuring act

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There is a real talent behind conjuring up the feeling of being in the middle of a busy festival site using just a sparse set and four actors – but Substance and Shadow Theatre have this talent in bucket-loads. The latest offering from the company, Tribes & Tribulations, is another … Read More